Your First Visit

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It’s always a little scary to meet new people, let alone a dentist to trust with your oral health. We do our best to make this process as easy and as friendly as possible. When you book your first appointment with us  you’ll receive a text/email with a link to complete your intake forms.

We will then reach out to you if we have any further questions and confirm the information we have when you come in. You’ll usually have a wait time of under 3 minutes until a staff member escorts you into the examination room. Depending on the nature of your visit the team member will take some X-Rays and then call the dentist in.

While you wait, again usually under a few minutes, you’ll be handed sunglasses and brought back to a reclined position to be greeted with a television with a plethora of streaming options including Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Apple, HBO, and even Spotify.

If you’re scheduled for a cleaning, then you’ll meet Dr. Pasha. After an examination, he will do the cleaning.

Yes, the dentist does the cleaning. It’s his personal preference to perform the cleaning since it allows him to spend a lot more time with the patient, and really get a feel for your mouth. Dentistry is not black and white, it’s very subjective and each mouth is truly unique. We try not to take a cookie-cutter approach to dentistry and after a thorough assessment, a recommendation is made to suit your needs. Another unique part of the cleaning experience is the choice of over a dozen flavors at the end, such long time favorites as Cake Batter, Oranges and Cream, Key Lime, and the safer options Mint and Mixed Berry.

Afterward, you’ll be handed a warm towel to tidy yourself up with and be on your way. You can book your six month appointment then and there or you’ll be gently nudged via text and/or email later on.

In case the text or email notification for forms doesn’t come, here is an alternative link with our original paperless form

In an effort to reduce our ecological footprint, we have moved to a chartless office and implemented paperless patient forms. Our software allows you to fill out the digital questionnaires, medical history, and other consent forms at our office or, to save time, we encourage you to fill them out online with the link provided below. Lastly, when you are at the office you will then sign the forms electronically on a digital device much like you do when making purchases with your credit card at the store.