“Excellent care. Gentle, kind dentist. Office is very clean and well maintained. Staff is knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Pasha. He is our family dentist.”
Maureen B.
“It seems strange for me to give 5 stars to a dentist(I have such a fear from past experiences) but Dr. Pasha is great. I’ve been going for a few years & always a good experience. Today I had a tooth extraction(I’ve been stressed about it for the last week) & Dr. Pasha was very understanding about how anxious I was going in. He has such a great relaxed demeanor & takes the time to explain & make sure I’m comfortable. Highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr. Pasha!”
Maria S.
“Pasha is the best! I had some real problem teeth and he worked great with my insurance –but I know he also was kind to my bartender friends who didn’t have dental coverage. He is super gentle and non-judgmental about what state your teeth are in when you first come in, and he works with you to get your mouth healthy and happy! I recommend him to all my friends, not just in South Brooklyn but my friends all over NYC! He also has like 30 different flavors of tooth cleaner, and will put on any music you like when you arrive.”
Ashlie A.
“Dr. Pasha was probably the gentlest and most communicative dentist I’ve ever been to. And the insistence on playing my favorite music in the office during treatment was a hugely pleasant surprise. Highly recommend!”
David F.
“Excellent dentist. Doctor pasha did a few crowns on me, and they were all very nice fitting and looking. His office is very pleasant as are his staff. He is not very aggressive with treatment plans, takes his time, and uses some pretty cool and fancy equipments. I’ve never seen black gloves before, they give the dentist a James Bondish kind of a feel. Anyways, highly recommended.”
Ali J.
“I’ve been so many dental offices in my life. And my dental experiences are totally traumatized by awful pain and awful doctors. But I’m not afraid of the dentist any more. Because Dr. Pasha is one of best dentist. Very clear, good explain, affordable, the office is clean and comfortable. I’m so glad to know him and his office.”
Tetsuro H.
“I’ve had cleanings and dental work done with probably a dozen dentists but not one stands out like Dr. Pasha. He’s exceptionally careful and skIlled. His office is a delight to visit because of the cozy vibe and he’s a pleasure to see because he communicates well, has a sense of humor and is transparent and trustworthy. He’s everything I’ve ever looked for in a dentist. My wife and I are both really grateful to have found him.”
Josiah S.
“Never had such a gentle and thorough cleaning before! Dr. Pasha is unhurried, takes his time, asks thoughtful questions. I went today for my first cleaning but will definitely be going back from here on out.”
Zak F.
“Was happy with my two appointments here. The dentist is easy to talk to and good at explaining any concerns with your teeth. Also you get to pick the music you listen to (so much pressure though) and there are so many tooth cleaning (?) flavors”
Jillian C.
“Great dentist. Very nice and attentive, have good advice and did good work. Came in to get what i thought a cavity checked out. Turned out to not be one so I got a cleaning done. I really liked the tools he used.. was none of that scraping or poking gums. Maybe it’s just my case. I’ll be back and recommend.”
Roman O.
“Great dentist! This was the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had as I experience very little to no pain during my exam and cleaning. Loved that I could choose what to listen to on Spotify. I opted to keep the Queen station that the previous patient had picked and Dr. Pasha was great with everything.”
Jessica M.
“Great Dentist! Very detailed and spends time to explain everything. Staff is very friendly. No wait time and efficient.”
Sarah S.
“Best dentist ever. He asks a LOT of questions to make sure you are comfortable and fully anesthetized before he starts doing anything. Unlike the majority of dentists I’ve been to in my life, Dr. Pasha is never judgmental or condescending, and he makes a point of working with you to come up with an affordable plan/schedule, no matter how bad your teeth are (I hadn’t been to a dentist in over a decade, and mine were pretty bad!). Plays any music you ask for on Spotify to help you distract yourself while he drills. Prices are very fair, especially if you hit your annual dental insurance maximum. Goes out of his way to make cleanings/fillings/crowns/etc. a pleasant experience. Great staff too. Can’t recommend this place enough.”
Philip W.
“Dr. Pasha is amazing, I’ve gone to him since he opened a couple years ago and I hope to convince him to move with me if I do! Comfortable and paperless office, choose your own music on Spotify, and his great demeanor really makes the difference. Beyond the cleanings & x-rays, he also helped take down my K9s a bit so I’d stop biting my cheek and it’s worked wonders, I really appreciate it.”
Greg S.
“My 5-year-old son goes to Dr. Pasha. He is gentle and has an unbelievable amount of patience! He also gives him a toy at the end. Last visit, my son wasn’t thrilled with the toy and mentioned Star Wars. The next day he sent Star Wars figures to him. I was floored-so unbelievably thoughtful! We love Dr. Pasha!!!”
Rebecca I.
“Pasha Dental is fantastic! Dr. Pasha really helped me out when I came in there months ago with a severe toothache. He’s got such a calm demeanor and extracted my wisdom tooth in about 15 minutes. No pain and easy recovery! I made an appt for my husband to get a cleaning/check up. He was very happy and will definitely be using Pasha Dental again! Thanks, Dr. Pasha & staff ;)”
Maria S.
“This dentist is patient, gentle and easy on the eyes to boot. Best of all worlds.”
Rachel L.