Digital Dentistry

Dentist Using 3D Dental Camera for Scanning Teeth.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, Pasha Dental has gone completely digital and is at the forefront of “Digital Dentistry”. For starters, Pasha Dental is Brooklyn’s only paperless office with online appointment booking and online patient forms. Our online software allows patients to fill out digital questionnaires, medical history, and other consent forms either at the office or in the comfort of their own home before their appointment. All signatures are then obtained through an electronic digital device similar to those used for credit card purchases.

In addition, Pasha Dental’s Brooklyn Office has also been equipped with leading digital dental equipment to ensure patients receive outstanding dental care. Pasha Dental utilizes the following digital dental technology:

  • Digital X-Rays
    Digital x-rays are a form of x-ray imaging that uses digital x-ray sensors in place of the traditional photographic film. They have several advantages, including using 90% less radiation and producing more precise images that are immediate and can be easily transferred.
  • Intraoral Cameras
    An Intraoral camera is a specialized camera that can capture precise images in the areas of the mouth that are difficult to see. This allows Dr. Pasha to obtain more information about your mouth for treatment, as well as allowing him to share the information with you.
  • Digital Impressions
    Digital Impressions have replaced the traditional method of “gooey” dental impressions. Now, instead of sitting still for five minutes with goo-filled metal trays in your mouth, Dr. Pasha simply enters a wand in your mouth that takes digital impressions of your teeth and surrounding soft tissues. In addition to being more comfortable, digital impressions also offer more precise information as compared to traditional impressions.
  • 3D Dental Printing
    Pasha Dental uses the Form Labs Form 2 3D Printer to explore the new frontier of 3D dental printing. Although we are just scratching the surface at the uses and implications of 3D printing, we should soon be able to “print” dentures. Currently, we use 3D printing to make representations of patient’s teeth that can be used for surgical guides, especially for implant dentistry. 3D printing allows us to perform much more accurate surgeries as compared to “free-hand” placement.

This is just a small sample, as it is not possible to list all of the technology we use to make your experience better. We strive to either add or improve something every six months, to make each visit different than the last.

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