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Do you wish to have the perfect, pearly white teeth and a glowing smile? Do you have smile imperfections like crooked, gapped, or discolored teeth preventing your smile from looking its best? If so, then cosmetic dentistry may be the perfect dental treatment for you!

Cosmetic dentistry is the fusion of art and science, bringing together the most advanced dental technology with the visual aesthetics of cosmetic design. With a range of dental treatments offering various benefits, cosmetic dentistry can help you make subtle smile adjustments or give you an entire smile makeover. With this, Pasha Dental can give you a new and improved smile.

Did You Know?

Smiling can offer a variety of benefits to your everyday life. According to recent research, smiling can make you feel happier, brighten the days of people around you, have others perceive you as more attractive, and even add seven years to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

You may be a candidate for cosmetic dentistry if you have teeth that are:

  • Crooked
  • Gapped
  • Discolored or stained
  • Unevenly shaped
  • Chipped or broken
  • Missing
  • Too big or too small


However, to be an ideal candidate for cosmetic dentistry, you must have decent oral health or be willing to treat existing oral health problems prior to cosmetic dental treatment. To find out if you are an ideal candidate for cosmetic dentistry, schedule a consultation with Dr. Pasha of Pasha Dental today!

Why should I get cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry can offer a wide range of social and oral hygiene benefits. If you are ashamed of self-conscious about your smile, the simple answer is that you should get cosmetic dentistry to give you a smile you can be proud of. People who are satisfied with their smile, smile more, are perceived as more friendly and genuine, are more successful in the workplace, and live generally happier lives. It sounds almost too good to be true, but a fabulous smile can truly change your life.

In addition to the social benefits that cosmetic dentistry offers, it also offers oral hygiene benefits. For starters, cosmetic dental treatments address problems such as decay and damage. By addressing these problems, it optimizes your oral health to a level where you simply need to maintain it. And, teeth that are properly aligned, as well as free from damage or decay are much easier to keep healthy than teeth that are not.

In the case of missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry replaces missing teeth to keep your mouth functioning properly. If missing teeth are not replaced, they can cause a number of other dental problems such as the opposing teeth over growing, the adjacent teeth shifting, or bone loss. The overgrowth of opposing teeth and the shifting of adjacent teeth can cause the entire bite to change, which can lead to premature wear or even problems with your temporomandibular joint. Bone loss can also occur, which means that your bone is reabsorbed into your body due to a lack of stimulation. Over time, bone loss can change the entire shape of your face and can cause other surrounding teeth to become loose.

Although cosmetic dentistry is primarily known for its ability to make your smile more aesthetically pleasing, one should not dismiss the various social and health benefits that it offers as well. Yes, cosmetic dentistry can make you feel great and smile more. But it can also optimize your oral health and prevent a range of dental problems associated with decayed, damaged, or missing teeth.

What cosmetic dentistry options does Pasha Dental offer?

Pasha Dental offers the following cosmetic dental options:

  • Composite Bonding: a composite resin is applied to the teeth in order to correct structural damage or discoloration. This composite resin is sculpted to match the surrounding tooth structure, then hardened in place with a special curing light.
  • Composite Fillings: a composite resin is used to fill in cavities. The cavity is filled, shaped, and then hardened with a special curing light.
  • Crowns & Bridges: a dental crown is essentially a “cap” that fits over a tooth and can be used to correct decayed, damaged, or discolored teeth. A dental bridge is used when a tooth is missing. Two dental crowns are placed on either side of the missing tooth and a pontic, or fake tooth, is placed in the gap left by the missing tooth.
  • Dental Implants: artificial tooth roots that are implanted into the gums and can support a dental prosthetic such as a dental crown, bridge, or dentures. Dental implants are ideal for replacing missing teeth and offer the greatest functionality and visual appeal.
  • Dentures: fake teeth that sit over the gums. Dentures can be partial, meaning that they will have metal hooks to wrap around existing teeth, or they can be removable meaning that there are no remaining teeth and they instead sit atop the gums.
  • Inlays & Onlays: essentially large fillings. Inlays are applied to the chewing surfaces of molars, while onlays are applied to the chewing surface and one or more cusps, or points, of the teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening: a specialized treatment that removes external and internal stains, and can brighten teeth up to 5-10 shades in a single treatment.
  • Veneers: usually made from porcelain, veneers are thin shells that are adhered to the front surface of visible teeth. To place veneers, a small amount of the tooth’s natural structure must be removed. Veneers can correct structural, alignment, and discoloration problems.

Which cosmetic dentistry option is right for me?

With so many cosmetic dentistry options available, it may be overwhelming when trying to decide which treatment is right for you. To help you decide which treatment is best for you, you will want to consider the following questions:

  • If I could change one thing about my smile, what would it be?
  • What do I like about my smile? What don’t I like?
  • Do I have discolored teeth?
  • Do I have crooked teeth?
  • Do I have gaps between my teeth?
  • Do I have chipped or cracked teeth?
  • Do I have decayed teeth?
  • Do I have missing teeth?
  • What is my financial budget?
  • How long am I willing to commit to treatment?


Thinking about the answers to these questions will give you a starting point for selecting a cosmetic dental treatment. The next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pasha so that he can discuss your options with you and provide professional insight. In some cases, multiple treatments may be recommended to obtain the desired results.

What can I expect when receiving cosmetic dental treatment from Pasha Dental?

Your expectations for cosmetic dental treatment will depend upon the type of treatment you decide upon. Some cosmetic dental treatments can be completed in a single office visit and require very little to no downtime, while other cosmetic dental treatments may require multiple office visits and varying recovery times. These are all things that will be discussed with you prior to your treatment and are things that you must consider when selecting a cosmetic dental treatment. One thing you will also want to keep in mind is that Pasha Dental uses cutting-edge dental technology that makes both the procedure and the recovery much easier and less invasive.

What can I expect after receiving cosmetic dental treatments from Pasha Dental?

Your expectations post-treatment will also depend upon the type and extent of treatment you had. As mentioned before, some treatments require almost no downtime, while others may require downtime and specific post-treatment guidelines. If post-treatment guidelines are required, they generally consist of restricted activity, modified diet, keeping the treatment site clean, taking possible pain medications or antibiotics, and possibly icing or elevating the treatment site. However, because of the advanced technology that Pasha Dental uses, the recovery time is substantially shorter and easier when compared to procedures performed without this technology.

How long will my cosmetic dental treatment last?

The lifespan of your cosmetic dental treatment will depend on the type of treatment and the materials used. Some cosmetic treatments are intended to be temporary treatments, while others offer more permanent results. For example, while both teeth whitening and porcelain veneers address discoloration, teeth whitening only offers about a year of results, while porcelain veneers can offer about 10 years. However, teeth whitening will not permanently alter the structure of your teeth, while porcelain veneers will. During your consultation, the projected lifespan of your cosmetic dental treatment will be discussed with you to help you decide if its the right treatment for you.

Additionally, the lifespan of any cosmetic dental treatment will also depend on your oral and overall habits. Detrimental activities such as smoking, teeth grinding, nail biting, using your mouth as an opener, or chewing on ice will cause your cosmetic dental treatment to wear down faster. Also, consuming highly pigmented food or beverages will cause your teeth, and possible restorations, to stain. To get the most out of your cosmetic dental treatment and keep the results lasting for as long as possible, Pasha Dental recommends brushing at least twice daily for two minutes with a fluoridated toothpaste, flossing at least once a day, and visiting our office at least twice a year for your dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings.

What is the cost of cosmetic dental treatment?

The cost of cosmetic dental treatment will depend on a number of factors including the extent and type of treatment, the materials used, whether or not a dental lab is needed to fabricate materials, and the location of the treatment site in the mouth. Again, financial budget is something that you may want to take into account when planning your cosmetic dental treatment. Because cosmetic dentistry is as its name suggests, cosmetic, dental insurance companies often don’t provide coverage. However, Pasha Dental does offer financing options to help you obtain the smile of your dreams.

To give you a general idea about the average cost of dental treatments:

Dr. Pasha Javaheri Saatchi provides friendly, compassionate dental services at the forefront of dental technology to the Brooklyn, NY area as well as to Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan. To experience the best dental care in NYC, schedule a consultation today at Pasha Dental.

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