Our Technology

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Technology plays a big part in our office. We don’t adopt technology just for the sake of technology, we adopt it to make coming to the dentist easier and better. We adopt technology to help us help you.

Back in 2010, we were the first office in Brooklyn, and the third in NYC, to be a fully paperless and chartless office. Most dental practices didn’t have a website, let alone have the ability to book appointments and fill out intake forms online. Nowadays when new patients book their appointment, they will automatically receive a link to fill out the forms via text/email. We are also starting to integrate AI into assisting us in reading X-Rays.

But don’t worry, there’s still a human on the other line when you call. When you respond to a text message, it’s a team member answering your questions and concerns. 

Technology We Offer

Seiler 3D PromiseVision Dental Surgical Microscope

Only .8% of general dentists have and use a dental microscope. There are countless benefits of a microscope for the dentist, such as really high magnification, illumination, and ergonomics but there are many benefits for the patient as well. Chiefly, it allows us to communicate with the patient better because we can show them what we see, and take a lot of mystery out.

Solea® Dental Laser

The Solea® laser uses a specific infrared wavelength that reacts with water, CO2, and enamel to remove hard and soft tissues by essentially vaporizing them, while also sealing off blood vessels and nerves. This equates to precise cuts that are quick, painless, and blood-free.
Dental X-ray machine

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

An in-house 3D CBCT allows us to better diagnose some types of pathology that regular, two-dimensional X-Rays can't show. It also allows us to take a lot of the guesswork out of placing implants since we can better visualize anatomic pitfalls.
Modern Dental Office

Ceiling Mounted TV's for Comfort & Entertainment

As you lay back in the chair and get work done, please enjoy a variety of streaming options including: HBO, Netflix, Disney, Hulu and Apple TV.
Dental X ray

Pearl - Global Leader
in Dental AI

Ever have the dentist show you your X-rays, show you your cavities, and throw a lot of jargon at you? Pearl is the only FDA-cleared piece of software that could read X-rays for cavities and pathology but also present it in a clear and color-coded fashion. The decision to fix the cavities will ultimately come down to you and the dentist but Pearl offers a second opinion, the tie-breaking vote if you will.
Dental cartoon of missing tooth

Atraumatic Extractions

At Pasha Dental, we utilize an atraumatic extraction technique to minimize extraction trauma and expedite healing. In fact, Pasha Dental is the first dentist in NYC to get the Piezotome® Cube, which is the latest in atraumatic extraction technology. Approved by the FDA in April of 2018, the Piezotome® Cube has completely revolutionized the way in which extractions are performed.

Trios 3D Scanner

We added this technology in 2018 and it revolutionized our practice. Patients no longer gag with the use of the trios since there's no material going in their mouths, just a 3D camera taking 600-800 pictures a second and stitching them together. It's much more accurate than the conventional method, and highly educational since we can show patients their issues in real-time. It's a sight to see in person.
Dental treatment process

Zyris Isolite

The Isolite product is another one of those products that changed the way dentistry is done. The Isolite provides many functions: it illuminates the mouth, it provides moisture control to keep the area dry, it safeguards the cheek and tongue by keeping them out of the way and it provides a comfortable surface for the patient to rest their teeth. It's not for everyone, but most love it since they don't have to concentrate on keeping their mouth open and allowing the patient to zone out. We love it for those features and we don't have to ask the patient to open every 90 seconds.