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Patients have questions, so we provided this page with the hopes that it answers some of the questions you may have! There are plenty of

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Tooth-Whitening before and after

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening for a Brighter Smile If your teeth are discolored, tooth whitening may help. “Whitening” is any process that can make teeth look whiter.

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Little boy teeth

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth: When They Come In, When They Fall Out A healthy mouth is part of a child’s overall health. Children need strong, healthy teeth

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Mothers and Babies smiling

Mothers And Babies

Healthy Smiles for Mothers and Babies Good oral health habits not only help prevent problems during pregnancy, but they can also benefit the health of

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Dentures Concept 3D


If you have lost some or all of your natural teeth, dentures can replace the teeth that are missing and improve your quality of life.

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Bridges Concept 3D


Why Do I Need a Bridge? What is a Bridge? A bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth that fill the space where one or

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What is a crown? A crown is a cover or “cap” your dentist can put over a tooth. The crown restores the tooth to its

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Tooth decay before and After

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a disease that damages and breaks down teeth. Your teeth have a hard, outer layer (enamel), a middle layer (dentin) and a

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Implant 3D

Dental Implants

Dental Implants – Are they an option for you? Dental implants replace natural missing teeth Dental implants are posts surgically placed into the upper or

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Women flossing


Why do I need to clean between my teeth? Even if you brush twice a day, there are places your toothbrush bristles can’t reach. There

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Kids playing at park

Dental Emergencies

How to Handle Dental Emergencies Be Prepared! Knowing how to handle a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving and losing your child’s tooth.

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Girl brushing


Good oral care is part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to keep your teeth and gums in good health. A simple routine of daily

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Bad Breath

Having bad breath can be an embarrassing problem – especially if you are regularly face to face with other people. Known professionally as halitosis, bad

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Young Girl with tooth brush

How to Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is probably a standard part of your daily routine, but chances are you aren’t following the American Dental Association’s guidelines for cleaning

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Doctor pointing dental X ray

Dental X-Rays

For years, dental x-rays have been used to diagnose oral health complications and detect decaying or damaged teeth. X-rays provide a unique view of the

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Molar Fissure dental filling


Dental sealants are protective coatings that are brushing onto the chewing surfaces of teeth, usually the premolars and molars. Both premolars and molars have what

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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a more streamlined way of taking dental radiographs. Like traditional x-rays, digital versions provide an in-depth view ….

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