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5 Reasons to See a Family Dentist

5-Reasons to see family dentist

General dentistry is the practice of providing dental services that identify, diagnose, treat, and prevent dental issues. Because of their expansive skillset, general dentists can provide their patients with a range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services. Not only that, but general dentists can choose to have a diverse age range of their patients. When general dentists offer dental services to toddlers, children, adults, and seniors, they are commonly referred to as Family Dentists. 

Seeing a family dentist for your family’s dental needs has many benefits. To give you a better idea, here are five reasons to see a family dentist: 

1- Convenience

A family dentist can see your entire family. This means that you only have one location to go to for everyone’s dental appointments. You can even schedule everyone’s appointments on the same day. This way you won’t find yourself running around endlessly driving from office to office. Seeing a family dentist can simplify your life and save you time. 

2- Teaches Your Children Good Dental Habits

Since everyone’s appointments are in one place, your children can accompany you to the dentist. During your appointment, you can act as an example for your children so they know what to expect during their appointment. This also teaches them the importance of regular dental visits and helps them feel more secure about dental visits in general. To learn more about what to expect at your appointment, see “Dental Consultation & Cleaning” and “Your Child’s First Visit”.

3- Familiar With Your Dental Health

Seeing the same dentist from childhood into adulthood means that they will be familiar with your oral health and your specific needs. All your past dental x-rays and dental records will be in one place, which allows them to have easy access to them if needed. Keeping track of your dental history can be difficult when you have to transfer x-rays and records from office to office.  Furthermore, your family dentist will also be familiar with your family’s medical history, which can help them prevent certain types of dental issues that can be inherited

4- Personalized Dental Care

Dentists who regularly see families are generally very compassionate and have experience providing their patients with personalized dental care. Often family dentists value the family structure and are happy to serve the different generations of a single family.  Since they are dedicated to providing every member of your family with a good experience, they will often change their approach based on the needs of the patient. 

5- Comprehensive Dental Care

Not only do family dentists offer personalized dental care, but they also offer comprehensive dental care. This means that they can offer a variety of dental services that can benefit children all the way to seniors. Their broad experience also allows them to provide specialized dental services such as periodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics. With a family dentist, your dental needs may change, but your dentist doesn’t have to. 

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to visit a family dentist. Family dentist’s offer convenient, personal, and comprehensive care for yourself and your family. Their familiarity with your family also allows them to more accurately diagnose possible dental issues and helps your children to feel at ease during dental visits. If you are looking to make your life easier while still providing your family with the very best, schedule a consultation with a family dentist today!

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