Teeth after whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening for a Brighter Smile If your teeth are discolored, tooth whitening may help. “Whitening” is any process that can make ….

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Tooth surface protected by a sealant


Our teeth are covered with a sticky film of bacteria, called plaque (sounds like PLAK). When we eat or drink anything ….

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Baby teeth

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth: When They Come In, When They Fall Out A healthy mouth is part of a child’s overall health. Children need ….

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Implant Supported Dentures


If you have lost some or all of your natural teeth, dentures can replace the teeth that are missing and improve your quality of life. With a little …

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dental bridge installation


A bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth that fill the space where one or more teeth are missing. The bridge restores ….

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dental crown


A crown is a cover or “cap” your dentist can put over a tooth. The crown restores the tooth to its normal shape, size, and function ….

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Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay Tooth decay is a disease that damages and breaks down teeth. Your teeth have a hard, outer layer (enamel), a middle layer (dentin) and a center (pulp) …

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Dental implant

Dental Implants

Dental implants are posts surgically placed into the upper or lower jawbone. They replace one or more teeth that are next to each other. Implants are an effective way to replace ….

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female flossing


Even if you brush twice a day, there are places your toothbrush bristles can’t reach. There are several ways to clean between your teeth ….

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